Visitation Program

In home volunteer visiting program

Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness can be overwhelming for both the patient and their family. Hospice wants to be involved and walk with you on this difficult journey.Our services complement those of other health services by providing support to the ill person wherever they are residing whether that be in their own home, a nursing home, a retirement home, hospital, or in our Hospice House.

After calling our office a Coordinator will meet with you to determine how we can help. Trained Hospice Volunteers function as extended family members. They can provide companionship for the ill person by talking, listening, or just sitting quietly with them. Volunteers can assist the caregiver by running errands outside the home - such as picking up medication or groceries, by preparing a small meal, or assisting with personal care. They may accompany a patient to a doctor's appointment.

These are just a few of the ways Hospice Volunteers can help.

The Heart of Hastings Hospice accepts referrals from patients, family members, friends, visiting nurses, physicians, clergy, or home care workers. Anyone can call Hospice. Call 613-473-1880 to speak with a Volunteer Coordinator.

How our visiting program works

Referrals - Anyone can phone the Heart of Hasting Hospice who believes our service would be helpful to an ill person (with the ill person's consent).This includes the ill individual, family member,doctor, nurse,  CCAC, or Minister.. A doctor’s referral is not necessary.

Coordinator Visit - We will call your place of residence and set a time to visit to discuss your needs and assess how Hospice can assist.

Input from the ill person and family will be heard and a volunteer will be selected to work with the family if this is their wish.  If a volunteer is not needed the hospice coordinator will follow up at the patient/family request.

Volunteer Involvement - Your volunteer can come into your home to provide relief for family member needing to rest, go to appointments, shop, get needed chores done, or go out for a break with friends.

  • Your volunteer can sit quietly while you sleep or visit with you. You continue your day as you would if your caregiver wasn't at your home. You do not need to entertain the volunteer.
  • Your volunteer can prepare a small meal, do dishes, sweep the floor, assist with comfort measures.
  • Your volunteer can provide emotional support by listening or talking.
  • Your volunteer will be a listener who is comfortable discussing death or helping you make plans.
  • Your volunteer and coordinator can help you get answers to questions.
  • Your coordinator can advocate on your behalf to any other support services.

 You will not die alone

Bereavement support will be available to your family as needed

 Visitation Program Documents

  • Referral Form (pdf)
While we were caring for my husband Nolan at home during the last stages of his illness, we often needed supplies quickly. We would call Heart of Hastings Hospice and the response was immediate and compassionate. 'Hospice' was like a life line during that period of turmoil and grief as we strove to care for Nolan and make him comfortable. My family and I will always be grateful for that kindness. It was such a comfort to know that if we needed help, Hospice was there. What a wonderful support Hospice provides to families who are experiencing the impending loss of a loved one.
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