Residential Hospice

Our residential hospice can accommodate two patients at a time, and has plenty of space for family members and friends to have privacy, time for reflection and share memories with their loved one.  Staff and trained Volunteers ensure that each patient is treated with dignity, respect and the highest standard of care. There is no cost to the patient or their family.

The Hospice House is appropriate for individuals and families who can benefit from an alternative to their own home and whose diagnosis and care needs have progressed to a point beyond which their care can be managed in their own home.  It is also a very supportive environment for patients who are alone without family to assist them.  

The criteria for admission primarily involves agreement of the physician and family that the patient is in the final stages of a life-limiting illness or condition. A health care professional will assess the palliative performance of the patient, they are appropriate for admission when they are 30% or less.  The following document displays this scale (PPS) and is reproduced here with permission from Victoria Hospice.  

  • Palliative Performance Scale (pdf)
  • Referral Form (pdf)
  • Residential Hospice Information (pdf)
  • Admission Agreement (pdf)


The family physician may remain involved and oversee the patient's care, or they may transfer care to a palliative physician when the patient is admitted to the hospice.  Nursing staff and/or Personal Support Workers will provide care to patients in the hospice, as well as trained Volunteers and Hospice staff who play a very important role in assisting with care and supporting families of hospice patients.  

For further information or to discuss admission to the residential hospice, please contact our Hospice Service Coordinator at 613 473-1880.

It was wonderful to know our support system was only a phone call away.
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