Medical Equipment Loan Program

 As part of our involvement with the community,  Heart of Hastings Hospice lends medical equipment free of charge.  You can borrow these items for as long as you need.  Examples of medical equipment available include :

  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Commodes
  • Bath Seats
  • Canes and crutches


If you require a piece of equipment please call our office at 613 473-5125 to arrange for pick up.

While we were caring for my husband Nolan at home during the last stages of his illness, we often needed supplies quickly. We would call Heart of Hastings Hospice and the response was immediate and compassionate. 'Hospice' was like a life line during that period of turmoil and grief as we strove to care for Nolan and make him comfortable. My family and I will always be grateful for that kindness. It was such a comfort to know that if we needed help, Hospice was there. What a wonderful support Hospice provides to families who are experiencing the impending loss of a loved one.
  • Municipality of Centre Hastings
  • Municipality of Marmora and Lake
  • Municipality of Tudor and Cashel
  • Municipality of Tweed
  • Township of Madoc
  • Township of Stirling-Rawdon