Become a Friend of Hospice

We invite anyone in our communities to become a “Friend of Hospice”, where you can undertake projects and activities that will help us maintain our wonderful residential hospice house in Madoc.  Through teamwork and dedication, anyone can support this non-profit charitable organization as it provides excellent supportive care to palliative patients and their families.  Your contribution to this endeavour may be in the form of helping with property maintenance, assisting with fundraising events, providing information technology support, gardening, or whatever you are passionate about doing for a worthy cause. 

Please contact The Heart of Hastings Hospice to sign up with “Friends of Hospice” – we are sure that you will realize the value and rewards of contributing to this great organization.  Send us an email at: or call us at: 613 473-5125.

You matter because you are you. You matter to the last moment of life, And we will do all we can, Not only to help you die peacefully, But to live until you die. ~ Dame Cecily Saunders, Founder Hospice Palliative Care Movement
  • Municipality of Centre Hastings
  • Municipality of Marmora and Lake
  • Municipality of Tudor and Cashel
  • Municipality of Tweed
  • Township of Madoc
  • Township of Stirling-Rawdon